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Safe Web Browsing

The safe approach to visiting websites

In an age of increasing dependence of on-demand information and rapid searches, it is vital to know how to acquire this information through browsing safely.

This is the blank search bar seen at the top of many browsers. In this case, it is Google Chrome's browser bar. This is used to type the website to visit, but also doubles as a general search bar. There are two main ways to visit a website using this. 

blank search bar.png

The first option involves directly typing in a specific website's address into the browser bar. For example, typing out "" will bring the user directly to Amazon's home screen with no searching required. 

direct website visiting.png

The second option is to use the browser bar to search for the website in question instead of directly typing in the website's address. This brings up multiple search results for the site in question, and may contain other websites imitating, leading to the possibility of clicking on the wrong link or a link imitating

searching for site.png
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It is highly recommended to use the first option of browsing, that being directly typing in the website's address, as opposed to searching for it and clicking on a link in the results. This is because results that appear when searching may be fake websites used as phishing attempts. 

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